Frequently Asked Questions

What separates MB, Levis from other advisors?

Our firm combines experience and expertise, a comprehensive wealth management approach and a client-centered business model for a total value proposition that we believe few advisors can match.

What is a fee-only advisor?

Fee-only advisors are compensated in a way that is designed to minimize conflicts of interest. Clients pay us fees for advice, rather than paying commissions based on the sale of particular products. That aligns our interests and helps to ensure that clients’ interests come first.

Where will my money be held?

Client assets are held with our independent, third-party custodian.

How do I transfer an account to you from another advisor?

You simply provide us with a copy of a current statement from your current advisor. We’ll take care of setting up a new account and having your assets transferred.

How do I make deposits into my account?

Checks for deposit can be sent directly to us made payable to our independent custodian. Please make sure to note your account number on the check. If you wish to deposit physical securities into your account, please call us in advance. Physical securities require proper endorsement and must be sent directly to our independent custodian.

How do I make withdrawals from my account?

If at any time you wish to make a withdrawal from your account, please contact our office. Withdrawals from accounts can be made by check, wire transfer, or electronic funds transfer.

Checks are processed without charge and will take approximately 5 to 7 days to receive. They will be sent directly from our independent custodian to your address on record. If you wish to have a check sent to a different address or other recipient, prior written authorization is required. We can arrange to have the check sent overnight delivery for an additional charge.

Electronic Fund Transfers are processed without charge and require completed signed instructions prior to executing. Transfers initiated before 4 PM are available at your bank within 24 to 48 hours.

Wire Transfers carry a nominal fee charged by our independent custodian (please note the receiving institution may also charge for wire transactions). Prior written 
authorization and forms must be completed and signed before a wire transfer can take place. Wire transfers initiated before 11 AM are usually available by 4 PM.

What communications and reporting can I expect as an MB, Levis client?

Our clients receive communications and reporting from MB, Levis.

From MB, Levis:

  • Quarterly performance reports and portfolio appraisals
  • Quarterly letter discussing outlook and strategy
  • Meeting and account reviews as needed
  • Quarterly estimated tax payment reminders if applicable
  • Access to your reports though our online secure portal

From Independent Third Party Custodian:

  • Trade confirmations
  • Monthly account statements
  • Online account access through website
  • Annual tax reporting