Welcome to MB, Levis & Associates, LLC

When it comes to reaching your financial goals, choosing the right partner is the key to confidence. At MB, Levis & Associates, LLC, we provide our clients with a combination of objectivity and commitment that we believe cannot be matched.

Unbiased Guidance

MB, Levis is an independent, fee-only advisor. Unlike some "advisors," we're not in the business of selling any product. We provide expert guidance, period, and our sole commitment is to your success.

Extensive Knowledge

Investment management is a key component of financial success. But your financial life is multi-dimensional. Our comprehensive approach—in everything from long-range planning to insurance to tax management—can help you achieve your goals in every aspect of your financial life.

Complete Dedication

MB, Levis exists for a single reason: To help our clients identify and achieve their unique objectives. We're proud to offer our experience within a fiduciary, client-first business model. And we're deeply gratified when we help our clients to achieve that most valuable of all financial goals—confidence.