Why Choose MB, Levis

MB, Levis & Associates, LLC welcomes clients with high expectations. With a seasoned, experienced team, and a comprehensive wealth management approach and a client-centered business model, we believe we're uniquely suited to help you succeed.

A Broad View

We recognize that no one's life is one-dimensional. To achieve true success, it's critical to address a full range of needs and goals, including:

  • Planning for long-term objectives
  • Investing wisely
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Using insurance appropriately
  • Effectively and efficiently transferring assets

On Your Side

Not all advisors are alike. At MB, Levis, we are committed to providing customized service in a conflict-free environment. As a fee-only advisor, we're paid only by clients—we represent their interests alone, and we never have a vested interest in recommending any investment or product.

What's more, as an independent firm, we don't face the kinds of bottom-line pressures that can lead to a "profits before people" culture. Our sole agenda is to help each and every one of our clients succeed in meeting their unique goals.


The MB, Levis team boasts decades of experience helping clients meet a wide range of financial goals. We take pride in marshaling our experience for a single purpose: To help you succeed.