Comprehensive Planning

Achieving your life goals is too important to leave to chance. At MB, Levis, our comprehensive planning approach helps you clarify your goals and provides you with a step-by-step process to turn them into reality.


It's more important than ever to have a retirement plan that instills confidence. We custom-design both retirement savings plans and investment strategies aimed at ensuring your retirement is comfortable and worry-free.

And we walk with you throughout the entire journey, making sure your plans and your portfolio remain on track. We provide detailed retirement income projections beginning five years from your anticipated retirement date. And once you're retired, we review your assets and income needs regularly.

Education Funding

The rise in college costs is enough to give any parent or grandparent pause. But with advance planning, you can be ready.

MB, Levis provides clients with the most-accurate possible projection of education costs. Then we give you a path to meet those costs, including a funding schedule, investment recommendations, and investment performance monitoring.


Insurance is necessary but complex, and having an objective assessment of your needs can be reassuring. We assess our clients' true needs and evaluate their current coverage.

When needed, we refer clients to respected independent insurance brokers (we do not sell insurance). And of course, we coordinate financial planning with your insurance professional whenever it's appropriate.

Income Tax

Managing taxes to the greatest extent possible is a critical factor in your financial success. At MB, Levis, we integrate tax planning into our financial plans and investment recommendations.

And we offer a range of services including calculating and reminding clients of quarterly estimated tax payments, and reviewing tax withholding annually. And with your approval, we communicate and coordinate with your tax professional.