Investment Management

Investment management is the cornerstone of your financial plans. At MB, Levis, we custom-build investment portfolios based on the specific and unique needs and goals of each client.

A Disciplined Approach

Our investment approach is meticulous. At its core is a thorough understanding of the power of asset allocation: Properly balancing investments has been shown to account for more than 90% of a portfolio's total return.

And once we create an investment portfolio—carefully based on your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon—we regularly revisit, reallocate and rebalance in order to keep you on track toward success.

Investments of Choice

We believe that certain categories of investments provide the best opportunity to balance risk and reward. We favor:

  • High-quality municipal and taxable fixed income
  • Large-cap, global, dividend paying companies
  • No-load mutual funds that provide access to top investment managers

Sweating the Details

Before any stock or bond is added to a client's portfolio, we subject it to a rigorous screening process. And we only work with mutual fund providers we've handpicked and thoroughly researched—including thorough in-person interviews when possible. Not all advisors go the extra mile when it comes to investing on their clients' behalf. At MB, Levis, we believe our clients deserve nothing less.

Why Is Asset Allocation So Important?

Studies have shown that asset allocation explains over 90% of the variation in total portfolio return.

*Source: Brinson, Singer, & Beebower